We are one of the leading VFD electrical  control panels manufactures in uae. A VFD control panel uses to control the speed of an electric motor. Without a VFD control panel, it is difficult to control the speed of an electric motor.  Because they tend to run at one constant speed.  You can change speeds by adjusting frequency. This allows you to have more precise control over how fast or slow your machine runs. Which is beneficial in many industries. since we are one of the leading switchgear manufacturers in uae, we offer electrical  panels with all technical certifications.

Are you looking for reliable switch gear and  VFD control panel manufacture in Duabi, UAE ?

As a switchgear specialists with extensive experience in the UAE, we are committed to working with our customers to deliver the highest quality of service. Our priority is to guide our clients through every step of the project to ensure a successful completion. Our project engineers and team of technical managers are well-versed in meeting your project needs and suggesting cost-effective solutions that meet the regulatory standards.

All our switch gears and  panels are tested with relevant standard and  make sure to meet the required specifications. This makes us as a trusted and preferred partner for you. As time has gone on, we have grown our capacity to take on bigger projects with greater professionalism and effectiveness.

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Variable Frequency Drive Panel (VFD Panel) also known as Variable Frequency Control Panel (VFCP) is an electrical motor and feed pump control device. VFDs are commonly used in drilling and pumping applications, as well as in large machine applications such as Conveyors and Compressors. Frequency control gives better control on motors because of constant flux density.

VFD converts the fixed voltage of the input power into the variable voltage of the variable frequency output for AC induction motors. Most of the industrial applications need variable speeds under peak load conditions, and constant speeds under normal operating conditions. The closed loop working of a VFD keeps the motor speed constant, even in the event of input and load variations.

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The fuel handling system is an engineered system. It uses for the uninterrupted supply of fuel from storage facilities to equipment. Like engines, boilers, generators, etc with the provision to watch and control. We provide fuel systems to support critical and standby power generation requirements. Such as medical, hospitality, data center, defense, and public sectors. Diesel and petrol storage stations are the major projects in our profile.
We take care of the design and development. Onsite installation, testing, and commissioning as well as hand over to client services. We update with the latest developments in the industry with a handful of experiences. Also, we try to meet the complex customer requirements at the lowest cost.


Are you looking for a customized water treatment system? Our engineers have years of experience in a cost-effective design. It includes reverse osmosis, effluent, and sewage water treatment systems. The unit assembles in single and split skids. containerized reverse osmosis plat for portable purposes. Our water treatment systems controllers are suitable to operate from remote locations.

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Booster pump panels use to maintain the system pressure upon requirements. A VFD controls the motor speed to achieve this requirement. The VFD receives the signal from a pressure transducer upon pressure variation. In some complex logic, a programmable logic controller uses to meet user requirements. Then the PLC sends the signal to the VFD as per the program logic.
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One of the most important areas of an HVAC  system is the pump control panels and monitoring systems. Experienced control panel suppliers understand not only the aspects of the electrical part. They also understand the fluid dynamics. It includes the operation of the pump to provide flow and pressure to function the system. We have experience in the entire design and are able to conduct commissioning.

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Capacitor panels are also generally known as capacitor banks. These special electric components work by boosting the power factor correction. Which reduces losses due to reactance.
Capacitors are essential in the powering of infrastructures. This is because they can help save power by preventing wasted electricity. Capacitor panels use for improving the power factor. Hence, it is suitable for power distribution in shopping malls and buildings. Capacitor banks are also used in substations as a source of reactive power. That can supply much closer to the load value. It helps to maximize the current capacity of transformers and transmission lines

Installation and commissioning

The right installation and commissioning process will guarantee a high level of performance. To ensure a fault-free installation and commissioning, MNS installation and process procedures must be followed. The installation and commissioning of switchgear requires the use of service personnel. Our low voltage systems service guarantees that the switchgear will be installed and put into service in a safe and proper manner. Our service engineers specialize in on-site installation and commissioning of low voltage switchgear products.

 PPM for Switchgears

Our PPM services typically include fault and power analysis along with Thermography analysis, which uses infrared cameras to detect hotspots early to prevent damages caused by overheating and save the stakeholder money over time. We also provide a onetime service in addition to fault and power analysis, if you simply want to keep your LV assets in good condition. All services are completed with the submission of a thorough report that provides technical insight into your LV system and can be shared with your on-site maintenance personnel for future reference and action.

Our service team is equipped to conduct on-site troubleshooting and propose solutions for system breakdown prevention. We have executed numerous site works and manage service requests for clients in a safe and healthy working environment.