Double Skin Tank Leak Detector

This class II (EN 13160-1: 2003) Afriso Eurogauge leak sensor with an intrinsically safe probe circuit is designed for double-skinned tanks containing liquid in the interstitial space.
The unit is designed for monitoring inflammable liquids of danger classes A I, A-II, A-III, and B stored above ground and non-inflammable water-polluting liquids.
The system consists of a control unit, a container for leak monitoring fluid, and a probe. CE-certified control unit with visual and audible alarms, test button, and increased interference protection. With relay for connection of additional alarm equipment.

Approved for tanks according to EN 12285-1, EN 12285-2, DIN 6618-1, DIN 6619-1, DIN 6623-1, DIN 6624-1. The container for leak monitoring fluid is made from antistatic plastic and can be mounted in hazardous areas of zones I and II (e.g. access chamber of petrol tanks). The control unit can be panel mounted

OSA Oil Separator Alarm

OSA Oil Separator Alarm

The OSA Oil Separator Alarm monitors the level of the separated liquid in oil/petrol separators and generates an alarm signal when it is necessary to empty the separator.

It consists of an alarm unit and an ES4 capacitance sensor for detecting the layer level. The unit has two relay outputs, audio/visual alarms, test and reset buttons, and also monitors the sensor for shorts or cable breaks in the sensor circuit. The ES4 capacitance probe is mounted at least 150mm below the normal level of the separator. When the oil or petrol layer reaches the critical level, the unit generates an alarm signal.

Afriso eurogauge

Double Skin Tank Leak Detector - Vacuum

Eurovac 04-1 is adjusted for an alarm vacuum level of 325mbar and approved for tanks up to 2.9m Ø  whereby the suction tube connection may end at the top of the tank. If mounted outdoors, special installation requirements have to be observed, e.g. protective housing, greater internal capillary tube diameters (6 mm), condensate traps.For tanks according to EN 12285-1, EN 12285-2 design A, DIN 6618-2, 6619-1, 6623-1, 6624-1 as well as equivalent tanks made from steel or equivalent approved tanks made from plastic, provided that they have double walls or are equipped with an approved leak protection lining (internal lining) according to EN 12285-1 or by analogous application of EN 12285-1.For tanks according to DIN 6625-1 which are equipped with an approved leak protection lining (internal lining) and cylindrical, rectangular or spherical tanks made from reinforced concrete or equivalent, approved tanks made from other materials which are equipped with an approved leak protection lining

Afriso eurogauge Solar Powered Oil Separator Alarm

Solar Powered Oil Separator Alarm

The system comprises of an IP65 rated enclosure containing an ATEX approved oil separator alarm, solar panel, battery, and monitoring electronics mounted on an angled galvanized steel pole and flange assembly with an integral 10m sensor cable which may be extended to a maximum of 300m. An optional wall mounting bracket is also available. A specially designed fail-safe solid-state sensor is mounted at the required level in the separator chamber.
A high intensity flashing beacon on the top of the enclosure warns that the separator requires emptying, or of sensor fault (short/open circuit) conditions. An integral solar panel trickle-charges the heavy-duty lead-acid 18AH battery. A Test/Reset button is provided to check operation by simulating an alarm condition.
To conserve battery power, the SOL 3000 is active for 20 seconds every 60 minutes or as required (factory option).If an alarm condition is present, the high intensity beacon will flash until the alarm condition is cleared.There is sufficient battery capacity for the beacon to operate for 7 days in poor light conditions.

Oil tank gauge

MT Profil Float Operated Gauge - Adjustable Scale

MT-Profil R – 1½” universal.
Mechanical tank contents gauge with plastic planetary gear.
Scaled in cm. Connection thread G1½”.Adjustable scale 0-250cm.For rectangular or cylindrical tanks to 2500mm high or diameter.

Tank Contents Gauge - Mild Steel Internal Transmitter

Tank Contents Gauge - Mild Steel Internal Transmitter

Tankmate® hydrostatic tank contents gauge featuring capsule type movement for remote contents indication to 100m. Accuracy of measurement ±2% FSD.Zero correction and overpressure device.

For tanks between 600mm and 10m high depending on the density of the liquid to be measured.150mm diameter stainless steel housing with glass front.
Brass mechanism. Calibrated in liters or as required. Supplied with mild steel TG Internal Transmitter and 1″ bsp Tank Adaptor.