Radar level transmitter adopts high-frequency waves, the maximum measurement range can reach up to 80 meters. The antenna of the sensor is optimized for further processing. The new fast microprocessors have higher speed and efficiency. The instrumentation can be used for the reactor, solid silo, and very complex measurement environments.

A radar-level transmitter antenna is narrow and sends microwaves to the surface of an object. The waves bounce back again as soon as they hit it because microwave propagation speeds are so great; this time around though there’s almost no delay between when the dish receives its signal at first instance (immediate) – which means that anything reflected off these objects will reach us instantaneously!

Radar level sensors
Radar level transmitter
Radar level transmitter
Radar level transmitter

Application: Industrial Level Measurement.

Measuring Range: liquid:0.2-80 m

Energy TransducerMaterial:ABS,PVC,PTFE

Temperature:-40~ 75 Deg C (LCD:-20ºC~ +70ºC)

Temperature compensation: The whole range with automatic compensation

Process Pressure:±0.1MPa

Precision:0.2% of actual range

Signal output:4-20mA

Option: HART

Power Supply: DC20V~32V ≥30mA

Radar level transmitter antenna microwave pulse is narrow. Microwave exposure to the medium surface is reflected back again by the antenna system receives and sends the signal to the electronic circuit automatically which are converted into level signals.