VarioFox - Level Indicator/Alarm Module

VarioFox Compact, ready-to-connect level indicators and control instrument with digital display and robust wall-mounted housing. With an integrated power supply for transducer connection and 2 or 4 relay outputs.

Connected to an electronic transducer such as the DMU-03 or DMU-08, VarioFox provides a stand-alone indication and control system for pressure, temperature, or level measurement. VarioFox can be freely configured and is universally applicable.

LAS-M3A Level Alarm System

LAS-M3A Level Alarm Control System, ready-to-connect indication and control instrument in a weatherproof enclosure. Digital display of tank contents, ‘volume to fill’ display on demand, two alarm relay outputs with volt free contacts for connection to external systems.

Two outputs for external beacon and sounder,  RS485 communication for connection to BMS, PLC, or PC. Three-level alarm indicators, test, and mute pushbuttons, and internal sounder. Connected to the supplied pressure transmitter and extra level alarm float switch, the LAS-M3A provides a stand-alone indication and control system for tank level measurement.  The LAS-M3A is supplied pre-programmed to your specific requirements including custom front panel identification labels so we will contact you after purchase to obtain tank and contents details.

Level Indicators

DMU 08 Pressure Transmitter - Flexible - 4/20mA

DMU-08 Submersible 2-wire Pressure Level Transmitters are designed to measure liquid levels in tanks, boreholes, open reservoirs or process vessels.

The unit is lowered into the tank, borehole, etc. via the integral cable which incorporates a thin ‘breather’ pipe, allowing the backplane of the sensor membrane to remain connected to normal atmospheric pressure.

The greater the liquid head or liquid level, the greater the pressure exerted on the sensor membrane. The sensor electronics convert this pressure into an electrical 4– 20mA current output proportional to the liquid level

EFT 7 Self Contained Capacitance Level Indicator

The EFT7 Capacitance Level Indicator is intended for continuous measurement of non-conducting liquids such as fuel oil in tanks. The instrument is completely self-contained, requiring only a supply voltage and having a 4-20mA constant current and a 0-10 Volt signal output. The EFT7 operates on the principle of a changing electric field caused by the presence or absence of liquid around the electrode. This change after amplification is used to provide the output signals.

An LED indicator shows that the unit is energised.
For tanks from 1m to 6m the electrode is a flexible band type that may be cut to length on site.
For tanks from 200mm to 1m the electrode is rigid and has an integral screen tube.