Easy E4 PLC

  • The easyE4 comes with various communication options, either via the integrated Ethernet interface using Easynet or Modbus TCP (as client or server) or via the communication module, and it can also be used as a SmartWire-DT master.
  • The integrated web server can be used for visualization and control. In addition, it provides automatic notifications via email.
  • Four programming languages are available: the ‘easy’ device programming (EDP), ladder diagram (LD), a function block diagram (FBD), and structured text (ST).
  • One easyE4 device can be expanded by means of one communication module and up to 11 I/O modules for maximum flexibility in line with your requirements.
  • 128 Digital inputs
  • 128 Digital outputs
  • 48 Analog inputs
  • 48 Analog outputs



Industrial PCs


Today the automation world is not imaginable without Industrial PCs. Robust and cost efficient hardware, universal software and driver standards as well as modern, real time operating systems are the requirements why PC technology is more and more deployed in industrial applications. The performable combination between touch display and industrial PC distinguishes itself through a compact enclosure as also a nominal installation depth. Whether in machine engineering or installations as also in single applications – maximum openness and excellent performance parameters signify the industrial PCs from Eaton Automation.


  • Compact operator interface with lots of power
  • Full graphical 3.5“, 5.7“ or 7“-Widescreen TFT display with resistive touch screen
  • High-performance 400MHz RISC-Processor for PLC applications
  • The onboard memory of 128MB on-demand expandable with an SD card
  • Nominal installation depth
  • Ethernet interface onboard, furthermore CAN, Profibus, RS232 or RS485 possible
    integrated gateway function

Modular & compact PLCs


EC4P controllers now offer the performance of a PLC in the housing of the renowned easy control relay. This enables the convenient creation of solutions for small and medium-sized control tasks. Simple programming to IEC-61131 using easySoft-CoDeSys is the basis
for this, in conjunction with a powerful CPU. This communication capability of the controller is a special feature. Serial and Ethernet interfaces for programming and connecting to OPC clients, as well as CANopen and Easynet for networking with other Fieldbus components, allow a wide range of communication options.

Remote I/O Systems


Whether controlling motion, temperature or speed measurement, current and tension recording – the fields of usage for remote I/Os are so wide ranging as are the different types of applications. They are everywhere in usage where decentral signal processing is the beginning and end of the automation concept. Eaton Automation offers for every application the suiting I/O system. Whether fine granular graded with XI/ON or compact with WINbloc – naturally also inmix operation in on bus thread. The result: a modular concept with easy to use handling – adaptable to any application, intelligent and future proof.

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